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Adjustable Headrest The two-pivoted headrest allows precise adjustments of the angle and the height, giving comfort and support to neck and head at any seating position. (Pic 1, 2)   4D Adjustable Armrest with Polyurethane Armpad Telescope in and out, move forward and back, pivot, and adjust up and down which provides natural position that comfortably supports the wrists, forearms, shoulders and neck. (Pic 3, 4)   Fixed Armrest Moulded polypropylene armrest in black finish. (Pic 5)   5 Pronged Base 5 pronged base in either nylon or die-cast polished aluminium FInish, generates by highly sophisticated ambience to provide strong stability. (Pic 6, 7)   4 Pronged Base 4 pronged base in die-cast polished aluminium finish, generates by highly sophisticated ambience to provide strong stability. (Pic 8)   Nylon Castors or Stud Both the 50mm polyurethane dual-wheel castors and studs are designed for smooth gliding and also reduce floor scratches. (Pic 9, 10)   Adjustable Seat Depth / Slider Mechanism Using a simple lever under the seat, user can easily adjust the depth of the seating to accommodate his sitting preference and comfort. (Pic 11, 15)   Self-Weight Tilting Mechanism Self-weight adjustment synchronized mechanism with 3 tensions level adjustable knob and multi-locking system designed to adapt your body weight automatically. (Pic 12, 13, 14)   Tilting Mechanism Metal synchronized mechanism with seat slide and 3 lockings system that come with weight adjustable tension knob (Pic 16, 17, 18)   Height Adjustable Pneumatic Cylinder Imported heavy duty pneumatic cylinder designed with safety and durability features, allows for height adjustment of the chair to suit each users physique. (Pic 19)   Polyurethane Moulded Foam High density polyurethane moulded foam come with fire retardant feature, gives the seat flexibility to conform user seating posture, provides great support and best comfort even for long seating hours. The black finish seat cover below is designed for greater protection to the foam, quality upholstery and user safety. (Pic 20)   Backrest Cover With Polyurethane Moulded Foam High quality moulded polypropylene backrest cover in black finishing that come with polyurethane moulded foam for the backrest comfort. (Pic 21)   read more
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